“This is awful. This man should not have a show on television!”

Tamika Mallory — who heads the Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network’s Decency Initiative — lashed out at Duane “Dog” Chapman after hearing a tape of the bounty hunter’s racist rants.

“I think the A&E network should uphold their standards, which should be that people are not allowed to use demeaning language toward another racial group and marginalize them.”

In a shocking world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has obtained tapes of two sickening phone conversations in which the famed TV bounty hunter unleashes a bigoted attack, littered with the N-word and other outrageous racial insults. The full story appears in our current issue.

“My personal opinion is that he is wrong. It is demeaning and derogatory language, and he should not have a show on television,” blasted Mallory.

“It is obvious that he uses the N-word all the time. He has been outed as a racist. I don’t see how he makes a distinction between the derogatory use of the word and how he’s using it.

“It is unfortunate that he doesn’t think he is being racist by using the N-word.”

In the recording, Dog — who promotes his image as a born-again Christian — is heard ordering his 24-year-old son Tucker to dump the “f—ing n—er” if Tucker wants to work in one of the family businesses.

In response to the ENQUIRER’s story, A&E has announced it is suspending production of the show, but for now the cable network is continuing to broadcast it.

“Ultimately, Dog is saying his son can’t date a black woman,” said Mallory. “Why is it that a black woman is not upheld with the same standards of respect as any other woman? She has to be a n—er? These are things A&E really has to think about.”

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