The health of Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds has deteriorated severely, and pals fear he’s facing his final days!

Sadly, the once high-flying 76-year-old “Smokey and the Ban­dit” box-office champ is also nearly broke, and he’s been rejected by both his adopted son Quinton and former love Pam Seals, sources say.

“Burt is on borrowed time, and he’s living his final days in physical and emotional misery,” a source close to the actor told The ENQUIRER.

“In the past few years, he’s been in a psych ward, drug and alcohol rehab, and undergone a quintuple heart bypass and back surgeries. He’s in tremendous pain from other injuries he suf­fered over the years, and he’s so feeble that his legs often buckle beneath him and he collapses.”

Despite his health woes, the Emmy-winning “Evening Shade” star insists on teaching a weekly acting class at his Burt Reynolds Institute for Film & Theater in Jupiter, Fla.

On the evenings of July 27 and Aug. 3, an ENQUIRER reporter watched as Reynolds parked his black Lexus as close as possible to the theater’s back door. Sev­eral people helped him climb out of the car and hovered close by to support him in case he stumbled as he walked into the building.

“Burt has told his students that his acting classes are the only thing keeping him go­ing,” the source added. “But some days he doesn’t even have the strength to make it to the theater. Many of his students suspect Burt suffered a stroke because of the way he favors his left side, especially his left arm. Besides that, his speech is slurred, and he’s often difficult to understand.”

In a heartbreaking twist, while many of Reynolds’ old Hollywood pals have passed on, “those who are still alive have severed ties with him,” said the source.

The “Deliverance” star has been estranged from his son Quinton, 23, whom he adopted with ex-wife Loni Anderson, as well as his ex-girlfriend Pam Seals, who’s now a high-end realtor in West Palm Beach, said the source.

“Burt reached out to Pam several times, trying to get back in her good graces,” noted the source. “But she has too many bad memories of their relationship and doesn’t want any­thing to do with him.”

Reynolds raked in millions of dol­lars during his Hollywood career, but last year he faced foreclosure on his four-acre waterfront home in Hobe Sound. The house is now badly run down, but it’s all he’s got left, sources say.

“Burt had a full-time assistant, but now he’s too broke to afford one,” said the source. “A volunteer nurse checks on him regularly, and a couple of local pals drop by. But other than that, it’s a pretty sad and lonely existence.”