CUBA GOODING JR. has been on a booze-fueled, week-long tear through Manhattan, sparking fears that he des­perately needs a trip to rehab, say sources.

While serving as a juror at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, the mar­ried father of three partied hearty and “convinced everyone it’s defi­nitely time he stops,” an insider close to the “Jerry Maguire” star told The ENQUIRER.

“Cuba is always the life of the party, but those closest to him are concerned. He’s well known as a serious actor, and now he’s getting just as well known for his wild nights of carousing.”

The 44-year-old actor made head­lines at an April 21 festival brunch when he stripped off his champagne-soaked shirt, flexed his muscles and danced wildly. His handlers stepped in and removed him as shocked onlookers began clicking pho­tos.

But the out-of-con­trol entertainer just headed over to the Dream Downtown Hotel, where he again removed his shirt, then wrapped it around his head and danced on a banquet table, say sources.

By 2 a.m., Good­ing had moved on to the SL nightclub with friends. There, he was spotted downing vodka at the bar. Two days earlier, the actor hit the Darby club and was seen pawing the host’s girlfriend.

Over the years, The ENQUIRER has spotlighted Cuba’s wild nights.

IN 2000, The ENQUIRER EXCLUSIVELY re­vealed that he cheated on his wife, enjoying sex for three straight nights in Ely, Nev., with a sexy blonde nurse.

And in 2007, he convinced a blonde model and her friend to leave a club and go back to his hotel. The women ended up running out of Cuba’s room when he began stripping.

Meanwhile, the Oscar winner – who enthralled the nation with his classic “Show me the money” line – has been married to his high school sweetheart Sara Kapfer since 1994.

Said the source: “Cuba needs to go to rehab before he’s known in Hollywood as the ‘Show him the door’ guy.”