The secret dossier THEY tried to stop – BOBBY KENNEDY’s CONFIDENTIAL files REVEALED!
Kept locked in a secret vault for over 40 years, archivists will finally release 63 – count ‘em – boxes of Robert F. Kennedy’s confidential files to the American Public.
The decision was announced by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston after years of trying to persuade the slain leader’s widow Ethel to give control of his files to the museum, The New York Times reported.
Concerned about the intimate nature and potential financial windfall from the sale of the Kennedy family docs, family friends revealed that Ethel had hoped to reap millions by selling the private letters and confidential files.
The documents are currently being appraised by auction house Sotheby's, but family spokesman former U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy II said there are no plans to sell his father's papers.
"Could there be a situation where we decide to sell a document or two? Sure, I suppose," he admitted.
JFK Library Director Thomas J. Putnam said their team archivists should finish declassifying the secret papers within the coming year.
As The ENQUIRER reported previously a Federal lawsuit over the ownership trail of a stolen letter Jackie Kennedy wrote to Bobby’s widow Ethel days after RFK’s assassination in 1968 is in the hands of a special federal judge.