Bob Saget Cover-Up: Was Comic Murdered?

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Beloved comic Bob Saget suffered terrible head injuries before his lifeless body was found in an Orlando hotel room — and now medical and criminal experts are calling for a new probe into the TV dad’s death after an explosive autopsy report!

Although the medical examiner officially concluded the 65-year-old Full House star’s death was an accident caused by a fall, Saget’s skull was so badly shattered that Dr. Gavin Britz, chairman of the neurosurgery department at Houston Methodist, says there was “significant trauma” similar to “something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head.”

Emory University neurologist Dr. Daniel Barrow raised more red flags about the former sitcom star’s bizarre autopsy report detailing the Jan. 9 
tragedy at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, saying, “There is no hotel room I have ever stayed in that would allow for a fall significant enough to cause this kind of head injury. It really raises, to me, more questions than it provides answers.”

Cops claim the actor cracked his skull on his bedroom’s headboard, but New York–based Dr. Stuart Fischer points out, “There were six fractures on the back and the front of Saget’s head! You’d have to fall 10 to 20 feet — or be battered by a blunt object to suffer injuries of that kind. It’s beyond suspicious and screams of a possible crime scene to me!”

Famed forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht — who helped investigate the deaths of 
Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, Charles Manson cult victim Sharon Tate and rock legend Elvis Presley — also expresses doubts over the Florida coroner’s ruling of accidental death.

“If his death came from a fall — it had to come from multiple falls,” Wecht says in an exclusive National ENQUIRER interview.

“There’s no way he simply fell and hit his head and then died. This case is crying out for further investigation.”

His former co-star Candace Cameron Bure agrees. However, the funnyman’s shattered widow, Kelly Rizzo, and grown daughters, Aubrey, Lara and Jennifer Saget, won a court fight to block the  Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office from releasing of further details about his death. They insist revealing more information about the investigation “would cause irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress.”

But former NYPD officer and criminal defense attorney Peter Gleason says any findings should remain public — no matter how disturbing.

“While I understand the family’s desire for privacy, any time there is a suspicious death in a public [place] such as this hotel, a public investigation is critical because people have the right to know!”

Wecht believes police should be scouring every piece of security footage they can find from the hotel and the surrounding areas to document the hours before the star passed away after suffering a devastating brain bleed.

Saget had performed a show the night before his death in the Jacksonville area and later arrived at the Ritz-Carlton.

Wecht insists, “I would want to review every moment that could have been captured on security cameras from the time he got in his car in Jacksonville till he went into his hotel room in Orlando for the last time.”

“Did he stop for gas? Did he stop to eat? Did anyone seem to follow him in the lobby or parking lot? Was his door locked?”

“All of this should have been examined and detailed before the cause of death was determined.”

Lawmen consulted by The ENQUIRER believe the swift investigation was superficial — at best — and the hotel room was neatly staged to support the preposterous theory the bawdy standup star was simply the victim of a fall.

Former Chicago police officer and private investigator Paul Huebl says, “I’m not satisfied his significant head trauma could happen without somebody else’s help!”

Gleason questions the tidy appearance of Saget’s room. A housekeeper discovered the dead comic’s bags were neatly placed by the door — and he was lying in bed!

Gleason says, “The last thing a major chain like the Ritz-Carlton would want is to have a homicide occur on their property. A tidied-up hotel room makes for a difficult crime scene to investigate.”

He notes hotels in tourist destinations like Orlando frequently experience break-ins by burglars and adds, “Those are the places where security footage tends to disappear.”

Gleason believes Saget would have been a high-profile target, potentially attracting an intruder in the city, which is home to Walt Disney World and other popular attractions.

Statistics show theft, burglary and assaults account for most of Orlando’s crimes — with the majority of incidents occurring near hotels, bars and restaurants!

A recent report even revealed the crime rate in the area near Universal Studios, which is mere miles from the Ritz-Carlton, was double that of the city as a whole!

“This is exactly the area where this kind of thing would happen,” Gleason explains. “For someone to be discovered with multiple skull fractures and cops saying ‘there’s nothing to see here’ is absurd.”