No Christmas Cheer For ‘Wife Beater’ Bill Murray

Bill murray divorce abuse claims sq

Bill Murray’s wife-beating past is haunting him like a Christmas spirit!

His new holiday special — “A Very Murray Christmas” — has debuted on Netflix just in time for outraged women to go after Bill as as accused wife beater!

“We’re sick of watching Bill Murray being treated like some kind of beloved American comic,” said one furious feminist.

“People need to be reminded that there’s nothing funny about abusing women!”

The ENQUIRER revealed in May of 2008 that Bill’s divorce case included troubling charges against the “Ghostbuster” star.

His wife, Jennifer Murray, had filed shocking divorce documents in Charleston, S.C., that accused Bill of being a drug-crazed and adulterous wife-beater who thought nothing of abandoning his family!

She accused Bill of “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment.”

Jennifer’s accounts of Bill’s sadistic behavior included a November 2007 incident when her husband hit her in the face and said she was lucky “he didn’t kill her!”

The troubled spouse also claimed Bill had “left threatening voice messages on the home telephone which the minor children have heard.”

Bill has remained very popular with young people over the years, and some angry activists say that enough is enough!

“It’s troubling to see young men wearing t-shirts that feature the face of a ‘funnyman’ who’s accused of being a wife-beater,” said an angry Netflix subscriber.

“We have to let people know that abused women think of Bill Murray as just another Bill Cosby — and there’s nothing funny about that!”