Bill Cosby’s Sex Attack On His Kids’ Nanny!

Full text cosbys sex attack on his kids nanny ne short

Sicko sexual predator Bill Cosby assaulted a caretaker for his OWN children.

That’s the shocking claim from a close associate of his daughter, Ensa, who poured her heart out to the friend while both sought treatment for substance abuse.

According to the source — who passed an independently administered polygraph examination — Ensa and her older sister, Erinn, confided how their father assaulted their nanny around 1997, the same year their 27-year-old brother, Ennis, was murdered in an apparent robbery gone wrong in Los Angeles.

“Ensa said it was an unwanted sexual advance, and she (the nanny) was hysterical,” the source told The National ENQUIRER in a blockbuster world exclusive interview.

The assault left the nanny so traumatized that “she had to leave” the Cosbys’ multimillion dollar mansion.

“It upset the whole family,” the source said. “Ensa described how they all really loved her, and when she found out why the woman had left, she was very upset at her father because she’d never known the real reason.”

In an apparent bid to cover up her husband’s depraved behavior, Cosby’s long-suffering wife, Camille, had to “compensate” the victim, added the source.

If the mounting toll of abused women wasn’t enough for his wife, behind the scenes Cosby was verbally abusive to Camille, said the source. He frequently criticized her clothing and made rude remarks about her makeup as well.

In a heartbreaking slap in the face, Camille, 71, knew her husband was cheating on her — and shared that heartbreak with her daughter, said the source.

“As Ensa became older, her mother actually sat her down and told her about the affairs her father had,” the insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Ensa came to the realization her father was not the wonderful family man he was portraying in public — and that her whole upbringing had been a lie.” Camille — who married Cosby in 1964 — also confided to her daughter that she planned to serve the star with divorce papers.

The pair had talked about living together, said the source. But Ensa, 42, said her mother decided to stay married to the evil former “Cosby Show” star for the sake of her children, according to the source.

During their mutual stint in rehab, Ensa told The ENQUIRER’s mole that she also suspected her father had assaulted other women.

“Because of all his affairs and the incident with the nanny, Ensa did wonder (about other assaults),” revealed the source.

She soon came to the stunning realization that her father was a “nasty, belligerent drunk” who bullied his wife and children in a dysfunctional house of horrors, it’s alleged. The twisted double life of America’s once-quintessential television dad allegedly sent two of his daughters spiraling into crippling addictions.

“Bill Cosby was seen as ‘America’s favorite dad,’ and Ensa thought she had this lovely family and her dad was this wonderful guy,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

“But in reality, he was an abusive alcoholic, and theirs was a very dysfunctional family because of him!”

More than 99 women have stepped forward to accuse Cosby of sexually assaulting them — and in some cases also drugging them!

The disgraced 78-year-old former Jell-O pitchman currently faces possible criminal charges in California and Pennsylvania, along with a slew of civil lawsuits from female victims.

Ensa also said when she was 16, Cosby hit her and twisted her arm when he caught her smoking marijuana, according to the source.