Bill Cosby Used Wife & Mistress To Score Rape Drugs!

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Evil schemer Bill Cosby betrayed the trust of his unsuspecting wife, Camille – and his mistress – to obtain the powerful “thigh opener” sedatives he used in sex attacks on dozens of other women!

Former physician Vicki Hufnagel, 65, told The National ENQUIRER in a world exclusive interview that the comic, accused of sexually assaulting more than 99 women over a 43-year period, had his wife’s prominent Beverly Hills gynecologist write him prescriptions for Quaaludes.

Vicki claimed she personally saw Dr. Maclyn Wade write a prescription for Cosby even though the star wasn’t his patient.

At the time Dr. Wade was head of the obstetrics and gynecology department at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, where Vicki was a resident from 1976 to 1980.

Vicki said she first met the comic at Dr. Wade’s office. “When I entered, I saw Bill and his wife, Camille,” Vicki said, adding she was told Camille was there for her regular exam.

“A nurse came and took Mrs. Cosby to an examination room down the hall. As soon as she left, Bill began thanking Dr. Wade for making the arrangements for him. I was a little confused what was going on,” Vicki admitted.

“Dr. Wade told Bill that it wasn’t any problem, seeing both his wife and girlfriend at the same time! He said, ‘Our building is big enough for both of them.’ And then they both laughed.”

Vicki followed Dr. Wade into Camille’s examination room, where he performed a check-up. After the exam, while Camille was getting dressed, Vicki, Cosby and Dr. Wade returned to his office. That’s when Dr. Wade asked the comedian if he needed anything, or if he still needed stuff for traveling, Vicki claimed.

“Bill told Dr. Wade, ‘Yes, I am constantly traveling between L.A. and New York City, and I’m not getting enough sleep.’ “Dr. Wade … grabbed a prescription pad and filled it out and signed it. He then handed the prescription to me to hand to Bill. When I had the slip in my hand, I noticed it was made out to Bill Cosby and it was for Quaaludes. I was in shock.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening. This was his wife and mistress’ gynecologist who just handed Bill a prescription for Quaaludes. He wasn’t Bill’s doctor. There wasn’t a chart nor any file on his desk. He didn’t examine him. Plain and simple, he wasn’t a patient of Dr. Wade.

“Before Bill left, he and the doctor had a good laugh about their exploits.

“Bill said to him, ‘Maybe next time I’ll need three exam rooms,’” added Vicki.

Later, when she asked Dr. Wade why he wrote the prescription, “He said to me, ‘This is what we are about. We are a hospital for the stars, and you better get used to it.’”

Vicki had her medical license revoked by the Medical Board of California twice for improper billing practices and unprofessional conduct. She does not have a current medical license.

She also sued Dr. Wade in 1985, claiming she was terminated after she broke off an affair with him. Dr. Wade died in April 2001.

Vicki took a polygraph test administered by a certified examiner and was found to show no deceit in her answers to questions about this story.

“I’m coming forward to alert the public that Bill Cosby is a predator,” Vicki said. “I’m sickened by the possibility that he may have used the Quaaludes given to him by Dr. Wade to sexually assault women.”