WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bill Cosby Will Die In Jail!

The troubled comedian could be kissing his freedom goodbye.

Bill cosby prison death

78-year-old monster Bill Cosby will most certainly draw his last breath in the slammer!

According to law enforcement sources, secretly recorded audiotapes made by his accuser — Andrea Constand — will be the “smoking gun” evidence that prosecutors will use to put Cosby behind bars for at least 10 years!

The new issue of The National ENQUIRER — on newsstands now — has shocking testimony from law-enforcement insiders who reveal how the twisted TV legend is likely getting a death sentence as a crusading Pennsylvania DA makes Cosby pay for his crimes!

The latest edition of The ENQUIRER also has a bombshell world exclusive interview with Andrea, as she continues to seek justice while providing a gut-wrenching tell-all.

There’s even a sensational dramatization of Cosby’s first trip to face criminal charges after multiple accusations of having drugged and raped women over decades — plus more articles revealing the full shocking scope of Cosby’s disgrace, including insider scoops on how Cosby’s family is handling the comic’s shameful trip before a judge.

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