Bill Cosby An Election Day Loser As Friendly Prosecutor Denied A New Job!


Bill Cosby is running scared after a new Philadelphia DA got elected — who’s sworn to investigate a sexual assault claim against the disgraced comic!

Kevin Steele (pictured) was elected on Tuesday as a district attorney in suburban Philadelphia, defeating a former DA who had refused to bring sexual assault charges against Cosby in 2005!

Temple University employee Andrea Constand had alleged that Philadelphia native Cosby had drugged and assaulted her at his Pennsylvania home in 2004.

Bruce Castor — then serving as DA — decided to take Cosby’s side, and went public to declare that Andrea and Cosby both behaved in “a less than flattering light.”

Despite the support of the DA, Cosby was still forced to settle a civil lawsuit with Andrea — and The ENQUIRER reported how the pervy performer had given a deposition where the married man admitted to several sexual relationships with young women!

“Bruce Castor had an opportunity to bring charges, and he failed to do so,” said Steele in a campaign ad that ripped his opponent’s star-struck ways and poor judgment.

Steele has already been busy leading a new investigation into Cosby’s sick history, and had used his clout as a deputy district attorney to send detectives to Canada to interview Andrea again.

Andrea filed a defamation lawsuit against Castor last month that accuses him of making her “collateral damage for his political ambitions.”

Castor, who was seeking to return as district attorney after leaving the job in 2008, complained that he never suspected that Cosby would end up facing additional charges from dozens of women who’ve since stepped forward — with The ENQUIRER exposing Cosby’s deliberate lies, and reporting the explosive claims from Cosby’s many other alleged victims.

“The information about all of Cosby’s alleged victims came to light after I left the D.A.’s office,” Castor whined.

“Now the election rolls around, and somehow it’s my fault?”