Jennifer Anniston Courtney Cox Bill Cosby Scandal

JENNIFER ANISTON and COURTENEY COX keep lips zipped about BILL COSBY scandal. WHY?!

JENNIFER Aniston and Courteney Cox won’t be gossiping about the Bill Cosby rape scandal – because of their old network loyalty to the disgraced comedian.

“Jen and Courteney will always be grateful to Bill,” said a pal. “Early in the run of ‘Friends,’ he gave his blessing for NBC to put the show into the Thursday 8 p.m. time slot – his old time slot.”

“He could have easily trashed the show and instead he did the opposite, which surprised a lot of people because it was a fairly sexy show for that traditionally family-focused timeslot. Because of that, ratings went through the roof.”

Now friends say the “Friends” pair gets really awkward over their old pal!

“They’re always withdrawing from conversations about Cosby,” added the source. “It’s really tearing them both up, though.” 

"Bill was always kind to the ‘Friends’ cast and was proud that they carried on the Thursday night success for NBC that he started with ‘The Cosby Show’. If Jen or Courteney ever get asked about the Cosby scandal, they’ll probably go out of their way not to trash the guy because he was such a good friend to ‘Friends’.”