BILL CLINTON’s brother ROGER is a perverse co­caine addict who gets his jollies by watching women fight – and the ex-president has turned a blind eye to the black sheep’s twisted antics. That’s the shocking claim of Nadeze Connelly, a California woman now immersed in a nasty legal battle with Roger.

“Bill Clinton’s coked-up brother Roger had me beaten to a bloody pulp – and Bill Clinton has totally ig­nored my desperate pleas for help!” Connelly told The ENQUIRER in an emotional exclusive interview.

Connelly is speaking out about the beating she says she suffered at Roger’s home, and she’s pro­vided The ENQUIRER with dramatic photos of her inju­ries from the alleged assault.

“Bill Clinton needs to see these photos showing that Roger had me beaten up by an­other woman,” said Connelly. “Bill and his wife Hillary need to know that Roger is a psycho­path who intentionally had me smacked around for his own sick sexual pleasure.”

As The ENQUIRER has re­ported, Connelly slapped Roger with a $500,000 lawsuit.

And she’s now claiming that the former first brother – who served 15 months in a federal prison for dealing co­caine – is not only snorting huge quantities of the drug but also stalk­ing her.

To compound her misery, Connelly says she’s contacted the Clintons about the problem to no avail.

“I sent a long, detailed e-mail to former President Clinton explain­ing everything and begging him for help, but he never responded,” she claimed. “I feel absolutely helpless.”

But an insider says her pleas may finally get some attention – because former Secretary of State Hillary fears the scandal could harm her White House ambitions.

“All this has gotten back to Hillary, and she’s ordered Bill to get his screwed-up brother ‘in line,’” a Clinton family source told The ENQUIRER.

“Hillary thought all the issues with Roger were in the past, and she believes his problems are going to hurt her chances of running for presi­dent in 2016. She’s furious that he’s making headlines again – particularly when his trou­bles involve violence against women.”

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