FORMER first brother ROGER CLINTON is in hot water – again as cops called after bloody slugfest in his home!

The 56-year-old black sheep – who served 15 months in federal prison for dealing cocaine and landed in rehab in 2001 after a DUI arrest – is being accused of paying women to fight while he watched!

In the bizarre case, a woman claims Clinton didn’t lift a finger to help her while another gal smacked her with a frying pan – because he likes to see girls beat each other up!

Police were called to the scene but didn’t have enough evidence to file charges. So now the victim is suing Clin­ton and the other woman for more than $500,000!

The wacky story began April 1, 2011, when Nadeze Connelly, 36, says Clinton offered her $150 to cook rice for him at his home in Torrance, Calif.

Connelly told police that when she arrived, Clinton came to the door with Melissa Fitzpatrick, who assaulted her!

According to Connelly’s lawsuit, “De­fendant Clinton observed as defendant Fitzpatrick grabbed Connelly’s sweater, pulled off her hat, and called Connelly some derogatory terms.”

Connelly took off, but Clinton left voice-mail messages begging her to come back and cook, promising that Fitzpatrick wouldn’t be there.

Connelly – who has a 2009 felony con­viction for theft of personal prop­erty – told police that when she re­turned the next day, Fitzpatrick “physically attacked” her.

According to the police report, Con­nelly claimed Clinton “witnessed the entire altercation,” with Fitz­patrick punching her “approximately six times in the nose and mouth,” and then smacking her with the frying pan that “she was going to use to cook the rice.”

Connelly fled, and this time she contacted cops. She was “bleed­ing profusely from the nose and mouth,” according to the police report, and was taken to a hospital by am­bulance with a possible broken nose.

Clinton told cops at the scene that Connelly had come over “to borrow $150.” He insisted that he hadn’t seen the brawl and speculated the women were tussling over a boyfriend.

Now Connelly has slapped Clinton and Fitzpatrick with a civil suit, claiming the beat-down caused her “mental distress” and “severe emotional distress.” But Fitzpatrick has struck back, charging in legal papers that she acted in “self-defense” because Connelly “threw the first strike with a frying pan.”

Meanwhile, the Clinton brothers have re­portedly remained close – the ex-president delivered the commencement address at the high school graduation of Roger’s son Tyler in Redondo Beach on June 17.

“Roger just has a knack for getting in trou­ble,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER. “While Bill is on the campaign trail stump­ing for President Obama’s re-election, Roger is embarrassing him yet again.

“Maybe the lesson here is that Roger should order takeout. Clearly, there were too many chefs in his kitchen.”