Her Lips Were Sealed

Mafia Secrets ‘Big Ang’ Took To The Grave

The 'Mob Wives' star kept her code of silence!

Big ang mafia

“Mob Wives” favorite Angela “Big Ang” Raiola lost her battle with lung and brain cancer — but she kept the Mafia’s bombshell secrets to the bitter end!

The 55-year-old hard case joined “Mob Wives” because her uncle Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi was a captain in New York’s Genovese crime family.

The tough-living mom of two dated “wise guys” and managed mob hangouts for a living.

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“As a Mafia moll, Ang became like one of the guys,” says a street-savvy insider. “She was loved by them all and lived by the code of silence. She never ratted or squealed.

“Big Ang was a standup guy — even though she was a woman!”