JUSTIN BIEBER puts deadbeat dad in a dog kennel thanks to over-the-top fight club!

The singing sensation, 17,  purchased the kennel, an abandoned puppy pound for his father Jeremy, a former mixed martial arts fighter, who’s staying there while he turns it into a professional fighting arena, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Jeremy’s new home is the former Pet Tech Canine Campus in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, revealed an insider.

"He’s working overtime trying to get it fight-club ready. He loved being a fighter and his dream is to manage other fighters and possibly get back into the ring."

Being in the doghouse is nothing new to Jeremy, 36.

The ENQUIRER revealed in our Nov. 29 issue that he has a long criminal record, a history of drug and alcohol abuse and a reputation for mooching money.

Jeremy was a deadbeat dad who rarely saw his son, never held a full-time job, and was busted for raising money by selling Justin’s autographed photos online, sources charge.

Justin was raised by his mother Pattie Mallette, 34, who never wed his wayward dad.

"But Justin loves his father and will pretty much do anything for him, even though Jeremy is a scam artist," said the insider.

"Just a couple of months ago, Jeremy was trying to get Justin to help him become a singer, and now he wants to manage fighters. Give Jeremy a few months and he’ll get bored with the arena plan and come up with another wild idea.

"Justin is Jeremy’s meal ticket – as long as his son is raking in cash he’ll be there asking for a handout."