CANADIAN-BORN Justin Bieber is being urged by his management team to apply for U.S. citizenship, but the 19-year-old chart-topper’s advisers fear that his out-of-control antics may ruin his chances, say sources.

“Justin’s publicists are desperate to save his flagging image by aligning him with his biggest fan base, which is in the U.S.,” a pal of the Biebs told The ENQUIRER. “It would also be a way to say thank you to the fans who got him to where he is today.

“But Justin’s recent track record isn’t great. His excuse of ‘I’m just a kid’ is starting to wear thin, and if he wants to get his citizenship he has to prove he’s of good moral character.”

The “Baby” singer’s troubles with the law date back to October 2011 when cops gave him a warning after he cut off a police cruiser while driving. Since then, he’s made headlines for alleged pot-smoking and throwing a shoe at a photographer, and the Swedish police found drugs and a stun gun on his tour bus in Stockholm.

Justin’s also been accused of threatening a neighbor and spitting in his face after the father of three yelled at him to slow down while driving extremely fast through their Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood.

Most recently, cops cleared the singer after he nearly crushed a photog with his Ferrari.

“It’s a PR nightmare for his team,” the source noted. “They want Justin to rehab his flagging image by aligning himself with his biggest fans in America. He’s meeting with immigration lawyers, but it will be a waste of time if he doesn’t clean up his act.”

Mark Carmel, a Florida-based immigration attorney who specializes in visas for actors and musicians, warns that Justin’s citizenship bid could fall flat.

“An applicant has to show good moral character for the previous five years,” he said. “But Justin seems to be continually in trouble with the law.”