Biden Mental Fog is Getting Worse!

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Doddering Joe Biden is already suffering significant symptoms of dementia, making him a growing national security risk and threatening to prematurely end his presidency, say doctors and political pundits.

The 79-year-old commander-in-chief’s disturbing behavior includes apparent hallucinations, false memories, misstatements, aimless wandering and other telltale signs of serious cognitive decline, according to experts.

“What I was calling encroaching dementia seems to be getting worse and worse,” forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, who has testified in court about mental competency, tells The National ENQUIRER. “You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to recognize he is showing more and more symptoms. Everyone from Russian leader Vladimir Putin to the average Joe can see it.”

Another expert, Greenwich, Conn.–based psychologist 
Dr. Holly Schiff, warns Biden’s “cognitive abilities are deteriorating at an alarming speed.”

Worse yet, no one seems to be addressing the problem — and the issues appear to be swept under the rug by White House staffers!

Not only has the president’s mental health not been assessed, “but he is also not receiving any type of treatment or cognitive supports,” says Schiff, who, like Lieberman, has not treated Biden. “Instead of denying that there is an issue, the administration should be acknowledging his cognitive decline and coming to Biden’s aid.”

However, the bemused president did get some help — from the Easter Bunny! At the April 18 White House Easter Egg Roll, a staffer in costume was forced to whisk Biden away from a reporter after Joe started babbling about Afghanistan and Pakistan — and wandered off looking confused.

Even more concerning, following an April 14 speech in Iowa, Biden seemed to offer a handshake to someone who wasn’t there!

“This moment appears to me clinically as a hallucination,” notes Schiff. “Visual hallucinations are caused by damage to the brain that typically happens in the middle to later stages of dementia.”

In other recent events, Biden:

• Seemed to be disoriented, wandering around as if lost on the White House grounds in August and later rambled off inside during former President Barack Obama’s visit to tout Obamacare.

• Mixed up Syria and Libya.

• Referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “president.”

• Introduced his granddaughter as his son.

• Claimed to have acted as a liaison between Israel and Egypt during the Six Day War in 1967 even though he was still in law school at the time.

And the list goes on.

Perhaps most seriously, during a trip to Poland, Biden made three separate statements that required retractions by the White House. In one, he said Putin could not remain in power, and in another claimed Russia’s potential use of chemical weapons would be responded to “in kind.”

Those remarks were not only embarrassing for the administration but also potentially dangerous for the country.

“The cognitive decline is very obvious, even to someone who isn’t a doctor,” retired U.S. Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely tells The ENQUIRER. “It’s a dangerous and unsustainable situation.”

Vallely calls Biden a “national security risk” and believes White House officials may be forced to invoke the 25th Amendment, which allows for the removal of a president who is medically unfit for office.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, a movement is now afoot within the Democratic Party to keep Biden from running in 2024.

L.A.-based Republican operative Jonathan Lockwood tells The ENQUIRER he’s not surprised given Biden’s apparent cognitive failings and abysmal approval ratings.

“I’m sure Democrats would love an alternative,” says Lockwood. “The question becomes who will fill those shoes and be a viable contender?”

Vice President Harris is wildly unpopular and insiders say Hillary Clinton has made it clear she has no intention to run again in 2024.

“I could envision a scenario where Hillary comes out in support of someone like Michelle Obama,” Texas-based political pundit Alex Stein tells The ENQUIRER.

Meanwhile, Biden underwent his annual physical in November and was declared fit to serve and insiders insist he’s determined to run in 2024. But as 38 Republicans noted in a letter to the White House three months later, he either didn’t undergo a cognitive exam, or the results of one weren’t disclosed.

Vallely echoes Republican calls for a mental workup.

“It’s tragic we must ask these questions and make such demands of those at the highest level of government,” he says. “But our citizens must have faith that we have competent, mentally stable leaders.”