Beyonce’s Perfect Vampire Boobs!


Busty Beyoncé’s fans are swooning over new photos showing her suddenly bigger chest and a vampire breast lift expert confirms the songbird’s boobs are boosted!

The 40-year-old “Crazy in Love” singer displayed her assets in a sheer nude dress at a private party with husband Jay-Z, leaving one tipster gushing: “Her body looks incredible.”

“Everyone was talking about it. Her boobs are a lot bigger and that’s because she recently had some fat transfer done and perhaps new implants too.”

The source notes the “Brown Eyes” songbird “had it done before but this time is the most noticeable.”

“She’s thrilled with the results, but she’ll never admit it, not even to her husband. It’s her own fat so in her mind, she’s still all natural.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert. H. Cohen, who hasn’t treated Beyoncé, believes she may have had implants and fat transfer because “her breasts are perfectly in proportion to her body and look pretty darn equal.”

He notes her chestacular look resembles his specialty, the vampire breast lift, which rounds and increases boob size with injections of platelet-rich plasma.

“It can build up the cleavage, much like she’s got there,” he says.