Fan fave Golden Girl Betty White, who’s being touted as a host for SNL, is upset that an old nudie scandal has resurfaced. 

Betty, 88,  is upset that her new high profile has resurrected an old nude photo scandal!

David Letterman showed picture of Betty wearing nothing but earmuffs on a deck of 1940s nudei-cutie  playing cards when she appeared on his show in October 1985.

Now, with Betty’s recent surge in popularity, the vintage nude pix are EVERYWHERE and an insider tells the ENQUIRER that Betty, despite her well-known sense of humor, doesn’t find it funny!

"They’ve popped up and they’re spreading like wildfire! Betty’s beside herself!" a pal told The ENQUIRER.

 In the early 1940s when the photos were taken, Betty was a struggling but attractive model and like so many others before and after her, made a little money doing cheesecake photography.

She made it big in radio a few years later and went onto a wildly successful TV career that including six Emmys.

When Letterman first showed the pictures on the air, Betty at first denied it and then jokingly admitted, "It does look like me except the ear muffs would not have been there – they would have been HERE!"  She gestured to her bosom.