BETTY WHITE has finally patched up a 33-year-old family feud with her stepdaughter!

The “Hot in Cleveland” and “Off Their Rockers” star had long blamed her stepdaughter Martha Ludden for making the cancer-ridden final days of Betty’s late husband, game-show legend Allen Ludden, a living nightmare, says the source. But in an effort to make peace, Betty invited Martha, as well as Allen’s two other children, to her Los Angeles home to celebrate her 91st birthday on Jan. 17.

Betty isn't getting any younger and she realized that holding a grudge for three decades isn’t doing anyone any good,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “Betty raised Allen’s kids like they were her own but, unfortunately, she and Martha never bonded.

“Martha was opposed to Betty marrying her dad. She was 13 at the time and despised her new stepmother. She treated Betty horribly.

“Then, when Allen was sick and dying, Martha made things even worse by stirring the pot and not letting bygones be bygones. Betty’s a very stubborn woman and doesn’t forgive easily, so she completely cut Martha out of her life – until now.”

As The ENQUIRER exclusively reported in our May 31, 2010, issue, Martha, now 63, reached out to the “Golden Girls” star over the years to apologize for the pain she caused but was rebuffed each time.

Now, Martha – who does volunteer work for people with disabilities – is thrilled about Betty’s change of heart, says the source.

“Allen was the love of Betty’s life and she promised him she would look after his children, so making amends with Martha is very significant,” noted the source. “It’s one of the last remaining things on her bucket list.”