Michelle Obama


FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA went berserk over a new book that paints an unflattering portrait of her – and it was just the latest in a series of temper tantrums the first lady has thrown over scathing criticism of her diva-like behavior and her spendthrift ways!

The book offers an inside look at Michelle’s outrageous behavior in the White House, and she went on a tear when she found out about it, blaming the staff for leaking the information, say sources. It all ex­ploded on Jan. 9 when President Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley sud­denly resigned, the sources add.

And this isn’t the first time she has gone ballistic.

Only a few weeks ago,Michelle threw a hissy fit when Barack sug­gested that they spend their winter vacation at Camp David because a Hawaiian vacation would bring more attention to her reckless spending,” a top political source in Washington, D.C., told The ENQUIRER.

“But she went crazy and yelled that she wasn’t going to spend two weeks in cold Maryland when Hawaii awaited – and he gave in.”

Now, Michelle is blaming the president for his inability to control the White House staff and the hurt­ful gossip they are spreading, the source added

. “She’s convinced that his aides have been leaking embar­rassing details about her because they believe her extravagant behav­ior is hurting his re-election campaign,” said the source.

New insights into Michelle’s extrava­gant spending are revealed by au­thor Jodi Kantor in “The Obamas,” and sources say the first lady is especially upset about Kantor’s account of an “Alice in Wonderland”- themed Halloween bash at the White House in 2009.

While local school kids were treat­ed to a party that day, Kantor writes that the Obamas later hosted an “in­vitation-only” party for children of military personnel and White House bigwigs in the East Room.

To the delight of first daughters Malia and Sasha, “Alice in Wonder­land” star Johnny Depp presided over a Mad Hatter’s tea party in full costume with “enor­mous stuffed animals in chairs and tiered serving plates with treats like bone-shaped meringue cookies,” writes Kan­tor, a New York Times correspondent.

But the president’s aides were so fearful the splashy party would be offensive “to jobless Americans – or their representatives in Congress” that the event “was not discussed publicly and…Depp’s con­tributions went unacknowledged,” according to the book.

Recently Obama had White House Press Secretary Jay Carney call it “ir­responsible” for media to report the ”secret party,” label­ing it an “event for military children.”

But a top source said: “The president’s reaction was too little, too late for Michelle. She lashed into him and said, ‘I HATE this place!’