Preventive Measure!

Jennifer Garner Bans Ben Affleck’s Gambling

Star gives up his favorite pastime for Queen of Hearts!

Jennifer garner ben affleck gambling
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Jennifer Garner has put her foot down with on-again hubby Ben Affleck about kicking his gambling habits for good!

As The National ENQUIRER reported in August, Jennifer has taken Ben back — and now she says she’ll only keep him if he promises to quit throwing money away at the blackjack and poker tables!

“Ben’s gambling habit was probably Jen’s biggest complaint aside from the womanizing,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

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“This was a huge issue for them, but at least Ben is towing the line. Even with those dimples, Jen can be ferocious!”

So far, the “Batman v Superman” star is taking his wifey’s no-gambling rule to heart — playing the perfect spouse and even attending church regularly with her and their three kids.

“She’s told Ben the moment he sets foot in a casino again he can kiss their relationship goodbye for good,” the Affleck informant said.

“It triggers so much other bad behavior — like boozing and all-nighters!”