Ben Affleck Blows Big Dough to Keep J.lo Happy!

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Zed Jameson/SIPA/Shutterstock

Lovestruck Ben Affleck’s big spending on his diva paramour Jennifer Lopez has been raising eyebrows around Tinseltown — especially with the hunk’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, insiders squeal!

Since rekindling his romance with J.Lo last year, sources say Ben, 49, has shelled out big-time on private jets to Spain and St. Tropez, five-star hotels and designer shopping extravaganzas for his high-maintenance honey.

The power couple also just plunked down $50 million on a new mansion in Bel Air, and snitches tell The National ENQUIRER Ben’s planning to pop the question with a huge sparkler that will “eclipse” the $2.5 million pink diamond he slid on her ring finger in 2002.

All of that is apparently not sitting well with his ex.

“Jen’s worry is he’s spending way too much money to impress his girlfriend, and she hates the idea of him being taken advantage of,” dishes a source. “She acts respectful on the surface but it’s through gritted teeth.”

Garner, also 49, divorced Ben in 2017 after 13 years of marriage and three children amid his battle with alcoholism and love of gambling. Even though the actor is worth an estimated $150 million, pals fear he’s too free with a buck for his own good.

“There’s a growing view Ben’s living beyond his means right now, and the amount of cash flying out of his account isn’t matching what’s coming in,” tattles a tipster. “Sure, he’s a mega-wealthy celebrity, but a lot of his net worth is tied up in investments or retirement funds. He doesn’t have the cash flow to be plunking down tens of millions on new homes and flying on private jets.”

As ENQUIRER readers know, Garner still cares deeply for Ben — and even sobbed about their divorce while shooting her latest flick The Adam Project, according to spies.

“Jen still feels the need to look out for Ben the way she did when they were married,” says a source. “But this isn’t something he’s open to even discussing. All he cares about right now is keeping J.Lo happy.”

And that means burning through his millions, even though Lopez, 52, is worth some $400 million herself.

“Whatever they do, Ben always picks up the 
tab because he wants to be the man,” reveals the source. “When they went to Europe last summer, the amount of money he spent was obscene. He doesn’t seem to care this wild spending is eating away at his fortune.”