Battle Of The Horndogs: President Obama & Steve Kroft Face Off … But It’s A Lech-Fest Letdown!

Battle of the horndogs ne short

It was the “Commander-in-Cheat” vs. the “Sexty Minutes” horndog!

For the first time since The National ENQUIRER exposed his cheating scandal, “60 Minutes” newsman Steve Kroft interviewed President Barack Obama on the CBS news magazine Oct. 11.

A TV insider told The ENQUIRER: “Steve is one of Barack’s favorite interviewers. They talked about everything — the conflict in Syria, ISIS and the presidential candidates.

“But what you really wanted to hear was them comparing notes on their extramarital affairs! Sadly, viewers were left disappointed!”

The ENQUIRER has long reported Barack’s White House womanizing, and how his skirt-chasing has pushed furious First Lady Michelle to the brink of divorce.

Steve, meanwhile, earned his cheating stripes when The ENQUIRER exposed him in January for carrying on a three-year adulterous affair with hot New York lawyer Lisan Goines behind the back of his wife, author and journalist Jennet Conant.

In an undercover sting, The ENQUIRER caught the 70-year-old love rat with his married mistress last December. The pair were leaving Manhattan’s Essex House hotel.

Steve later confirmed the affair and blamed it on “a serious lapse of personal judgment.” 

Added the source: “No doubt Barack felt sorry for him. Cheaters stick together.”