UK inquest rules on death of Dark Knight SFX tech.

After a two day inquest in Surrey, England, jurors heard testimony how special effects wizard Conway Wickliffe died after a testing of stunt where the Batmobile exploded.

The 41 year old was operating a camera while leaning out of a car window when the vehicle crashed QinetiQ site in Surrey in September 2007.

Wickliffe’s partner Dee Chase is urging movie companies to be a little more careful in the future when pushing the envelope.

 "Warner Brothers (the studio behind The Dark Knight) are a huge multi-million dollar company – why are they cutting corners like this?" Chase charged.

"These guys are under pressure because the director will say he wants something and they have to respond as quickly as possible.

"It is the culture of the industry and it needs to change."

Prosecution charges may be filed against the producers, according to the BBC.