Barry Manilow First Wife

BARRY MANILOW’s first wedding to a woman – Susan Deixler- lasted less than a year!

While golden-voiced crooner Barry Manilow is now married to a man, there was a time when he was married to a woman.

And not just any woman; High school band geek Barry married the prettiest and most popular girl from his high school, Susan Deixler!

“In high school, Barry was very tall and skinny; a homely kid with thick braces and a huge Adam’s apple,” a classmate from Eastern District High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., recalled.

 Barry graduated from high school in 1961, and he and Susan eloped six years later – but the marriage was annulled in less than a year.

“What a difference 50 years makes,” added a source.

“Now Barry is one of the most popular musicians in the world, and he married a man!”

As The ENQUIRER first reported in a World Exclusive   –  the man being his long time lover and manager Gary Kief.