Barbara Walters
Retiring ABC newswoman Barbara Walters has her heart set on a big new goal for the coming year – healing the rift with her only child.
Sources say the 84-year-old TV legend is desperate to steer her 45-year-old daughter Jacqueline Danforth away from substance abuse and reckless behavior – and to make sure she is fit to inherit her $150-million fortune. 
"Barbara wants to reconcile with Jackie and live out her retirement having a good relationship with her daughter," revealed a close source.
"She's amassed quite a fortune and will let Jackie know if she doesn't clean herself up for good, her inheritance could be in trouble."
Another pal added: "Barbara's at her wits' end over what to do about her wayward daughter's seeming inability to turn her life around."
Jacqueline, who was adopted by Barbara and her second husband Lee Guber, has a past history of substance abuse. to make matters worse, Barbara was very upset when her daughter's marriage collapsed amid allegations she'd cheated.
Then, this spring, Jacqueline was busted in Florida on DUi charges and had to be handcuffed after she tussled with the arresting officer. 
Now, Barbara is banking on a new tough-love approach to help reform her daughter and ultimately bring them closer. 
"As things stand right now, Barbara doesn't want to leave Jackie any money because she fears she might blow it on drugs and booze," said the close source. 
"If Jackie doesn't get herself straightened out, the bulk of Barbara's vast estate could wind up going to her favorite charities."