IT’s a good thing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now working on separate projects 10,000 miles apart – because the screen hunk has sworn off soap!

And before they parted ways, Brad’s bride-to-be complained that he stinks.

Brad, who’s  currently in England filming the World War II epic “Fury,” recently started using a homemade concoction of lemons, water and apple cider vinegar instead of soap, a source says.

“Brad says he’s read up on the toxins of soap – especially the antibacterial ones – and feels that using them and antiperspirants is not only bad for the planet, but it also speeds up the aging process in humans,” said an insider. “But Angie was revolted, and their kids even started calling him ‘Stinky Daddy.’ Angie agreed to humor him only as long as they weren’t on the same continent.”

The 38-year-old screen siren is with the couple’s six kids in Australia, where she’s directing her second film, “Unbroken.”

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, Brad, 49, threw a jealous fit over her getting close with Japanese rock star Miyavi, whom she cast in the film.

And Brad’s apparently not doing himself any favors with his new health kick, since the source says that Angelina told him he “smelled like a sheepdog.”

While Brad insists he’s found the Fountain of Youth, the source reveals that Angie managed to coax him into a bubble bath when they recently reunited in Hong Kong and warned him if he didn’t start scrubbing up soon, “he’ll be spending his honeymoon on the couch.”