Baldwin Says ‘YES’ To Daughter’s Lesbian Affair

Insiders say ALEC BALDWIN – widely criticized for his history of using homophobic slurs – has given approval to his daughter Ireland’s same-sex love affair!

The sources add that Ireland’s mom, actress Kim Basinger, is opposed to the relationship.

“Alec told his daughter that if she loved this girl, she certainly had his blessing,’” according to one insider. Ireland, 18, is Alec and Kim’s only child from their eight-year marriage.

She dumped surfer Slater Trout in March for bisexual rapper Raykeea “Angel Haze” Wilson, 22.

“Alec has had a troubled relationship with Ireland,” said a close source, citing the 2007 uproar caused when the actor called his daughter “a rude, thoughtless little pig” in a phone message.

“(They) get along better now, and he’ll do anything not to rock the boat,” the source added.

While Kim, 60, is upset about the relationship, the insider insists she is “far from a homophobe,” and is more concerned Raykeea may be using Ireland to gain more fame for her career.

She also blasted her 56-yearold ex, according to the source, telling Ireland that Alec doesn’t have moral ground to stand on with gay issues.