Balding Banderas Gets Hair Transplant!

Aging ‘Zorro’ star trying his best to stay sexy.

Antonio Banderas on Left Balding and Antonio Banderas on Right with Hair Transplant
Getty Images; Instar Images

Vain movie hunk Antonio Banderas has been losing his luscious locks for years, and now insiders claim the Zorro stud’s gone to the root of the problem — and gotten a hair transplant to save his macho image!

“Antonio has always been proud of his hair. He thinks it represents virility, and he was so conscious of losing it,” dished a source close to the 58-year-old Evita star, whose receding hairline has become a thing of the past!

According to insiders, he’s determined to look as youthful as his 38-year-old bride-to-be, Nicole Kimpel.

“Antonio doesn’t want to look old when they walk down the aisle!” spilled a source.

The Spanish heartthrob, who didn’t respond to The National ENQUIRER’s request for comment to this story, himself admitted: “I’m a little bald, but I don’t think the pressure is just a Hollywood thing. It’s a social thing.”

After suffering a heart attack in 2017, The Mambo Kings star also revealed his efforts to look young aren’t confined to his crowning glory!

“I work out every morning, and when I’m finished, the first thing I put in my body is white tea. Everything is about balance,” said Antonio.

Medical experts told The ENQUIRER they believe the Desperado stud has taken a tuft love approach.

“That is definitely a hair transplant!” said longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin.

“Normal hair is much thicker, but when you transplant hair, you leave an area around the transplant, which accounts for the abnormal space between follicles that is characteristic of a hair transplant.”

“Those are hair plugs,” agreed Dr. Stuart Fischer. “There’s no question.”

The doctors quoted in this article have not treated Antonio Banderas.