EMILY MAYNARD is more obsessed with babies than actually getting married – and wants to speed up the process by having twins! BUT Who’s gonna provide swimmers?!

As The ENQUIRER re­cently reported, the blonde single mom may not marry any of the contestants vying for her heart on the hit ABC show because her daughter’s wealthy grandparents are dead-set against her finding a husband on TV.

But independent-minded Emily, 26, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of becoming pregnant with one of the hunks BEFORE a walk down the aisle, say sources.

“Emily is a gorgeous maverick who plays by her own rules,” a show insider told The ENQUIRER. “She desperately wants twins – now it’s just a matter of determining who the dad will be.

“Emily plans to have at least three more children over the next five years, and having two at a time is a great way to get the ball rolling.”

Medical experts consulted by The ENQUIRER say that there are ways for Emily to increase the odds of having twins, once she chooses the father.

“There are drugs that can stimulate a woman to re­lease more than one egg at a time, which will certainly increase the chances of a multiple birth,” OB-GYN spe­cialist Dr. Cheryl Perlis told The ENQUIRER. “In vitro fertilization can also signifi­cantly increase the chance of having a multiple birth.”

Emily had be­come pregnant with NASCAR superstar Ricky Hendrick’s daugh­ter Ricki, 7, in 2004. But before she could break the news to him, he died in a fi­ery plane crash. Now, his parents, the super-rich owners of the NASCAR racing team Hendrick Motorsports, have threatened to cut Emily off if she marries one of the guys from the show, say sources.

But Emily is slated to finally choose one of her suitors in the final episode of “The Bachelorette,” which airs July 22.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. has a shot because he has twin brothers,” said the insider.

“When Emily discovered that, her heart almost leapt out of her chest. But the smart money is on Jef Holm because of the obvious chem­istry between them.

“I’d say Sean Lowe only has an outside chance at best.”

But one thing’s for sure. Whoever she chooses better want children – and fast.

ON A RECENT SHOW seg­ment, a contestant asked the pretty children’s hospital events planner from Char­lotte, N.C., how soon she wanted to add to her family, and she blurted out: “Like, yesterday!”

She wants to have twins and then hopes to recover quickly and get pregnant again, say sources. She’s in a rush because she wants daughter Ricki to have sib­lings close in age.

Concluded the insider: “Weddings are one thing, but what Emily really wants is to be pushing a twin stroller with two new little ones. In fact, Emily is more sold on having twins than even getting married!”