“BACHELORETTE” contestant Bradley McKinzie hopes to win the heart of beautiful Desiree Hartsock – but his dream is likely to go up in smoke when his violent past is exposed.

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that Bradley was busted for domestic violence in 2009 and slapped with a restraining order. Court documents reveal that handsome accountant Bradley, 27, was arrested after allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend of five years, Brittnee Nelson, in 2009.

According to a criminal report obtained by The ENQUIRER, a neighbor called for help after overhearing a heated argument. She told police Bradley thought she was cheating on him and a fight broke out. Brittnee says she was scared and locked herself in a bedroom.

Bradley punched the bedroom door, according to the report, and Brittnee tried to flee from the apartment to her car.

According to court records, Brittnee said Bradley hit her in the face, making her nose bleed, then pushed her down, breaking several of her fingernails. She also claimed he had previously shoved her one night in Denver. The accountant was taken to jail and a mandatory protection order was issued against him. But Brittnee later changed her story, saying he was only trying to stop her from driving drunk. The charges were eventually dropped.

“I hope someone warns Desiree this guy is no good,” said a source. “If he hit a girl once, he could do it again.”

Meanwhile, Bradley’s luck got off to a rough start on “The Bachelorette’s” season opener when he emerged from the limo with a wishbone that he and Desiree pulled on. He was left with the short end, meaning his wish won’t come true!