Rob Shuter

‘The Bachelor’ Producers Want Colton Losing His Virginity

Chastity on the line in reality TV's lurid love-fest!

bachelor colton underwood virginity scandal
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Rob Shuter reports….Hit reality show “The Bachelor” has just started filming, and for the first time the cast features a virgin!

Colton Underwood has been very open about being a virgin, but producers are hoping that isn’t the case by the time they finish filming,” sources dished to The National ENQUIRER.

“If Colton loses his virginity on TV, this season could be the highest-rated ‘Bachelor’ ever!”

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The source continued: “Everything has been put into place to make sure Colton not only finds love, but also makes love!”

Former NFL tight end-turned-“The Bachelorette” contestant Colton made it through the 14th season of that show with his virtue intact, but remember: anything can happen in the Fantasy Suite!