"If you love me, you’ll have my baby!”

Avril Lavigne’s long-suffering husband, rocker Deryck Whibley, begged his wife to have a child with him to save their crumbling marriage – but the “Complicated” singer balked at the suggestion and set off on a new party path that’s driving them even fur­ther apart, say sources.

“I think Avril and Deryck are now just a di­vorce waiting to happen,” a long­time friend told The ENQUIRER. “The poor guy thought a baby would bring them back together. He’s crazy in love with her. But Avril wants less responsibility, not more.It is as if she’s ready to pull the plug on their life together. She acts like she just wants to be free.”

The punk-rock couple, who married in 2006, seemed to be living separate lives for much of the last year. Deryck asked her to meet with him last month at their Los Angeles home in an attempt to work things out.

Although Deryck was in tears during the face-to-face, Avril was unmoved, says the friend.

The 24-year-old singer has been raising eyebrows with her cozy friendships with other men, such as troubled oil heir Brandon Davis and Dole Food heir Justin Murdock.

On Aug. 22, she was spotted at a Hamptons, N.Y. restaurant flirting with male admirers. She later partied like a single woman at Axe Lounge.

" She’s breaking Deryck’s heart,” the friend confided. “He told Avril, ‘I want a family. We belong together.’

  But Avril immediately pulled away from him and has been partying ever since.”

Despite his wife’s strong rejection, Deryck still believes they can

"He’s told Avril how he feels,” added the friend. “The rest is up to her.”