Doomed Beauty!

Author Claims Marilyn Monroe’s Shrink Murdered Her To Cover Up Affairs

'National Enquirer Investigates' barbiturates shot straight into her heart!

Marilyn monroe death psychiatrist
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After a lifetime of abuse at the hands of men, Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the man she trusted most, her psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson, claims one writer.

The married shrink administered the fatal shot of barbiturates — directly into Monroe’s heart — after Bobby Kennedy insisted the comatose blonde threatened the doctor’s career as well as the Kennedy legacy, according to the top author.

Monroe’s housekeeper Eunice Murray told author George Carpozi she saw Greenson give his famous patient an “anal injection” of a liquid she believed to be barbiturates. Reportedly, RFK ordered Greenson to “finish off” Monroe so she couldn’t spill the beans on her affairs with Jack, Bobby and the doctor.

When the first injection failed to kill her, Greenson filled a syringe with the barbiturate Nembutal and injected the drug into the helpless woman’s heart, ambulance attendant James Hall told author Jay Margolis.

Minutes later, Monroe was dead at age 36.

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