WikiLeaks founder JULIAN ASSANGE created a worldwide furor when his website exposed top secret documents from the United States government.  Now Assange’s stepdad speaks out in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview!

In November, WikiLeaks began releasing sensitive U.S. State Department diplomatic cables despite intense pressure from the Obama administration. While the U.S. is reportedly considering espionage charges against Assange, he is also the subject of an arrest warrant in Sweden as part of a sex crimes investigation. 

He has been released on bail but must remain in England under watch until extradited to Sweden on the outstanding warrant.  Filmmaker Michael Moore admitted contributing $20,000 to the bail fund.

Yet, In an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with The ENQUIRER, his stepfather BRETT ASSANGE revealed that Julian’s mother is so terrified by the furor caused by her son that she’s gone into hiding.

Brett, who lives in Sydney, Australia, believes the motivation for Wiki-Leaks comes from Julian’s childhood, a time when the youngster – whom he remembers as a "gifted child with an enormous ego" – was "deliberately treated like an adult" by his parents.

Brett revealed that Julian, now 39, was often bullied for being a nerd, and at times showed outbursts of violent behavior.

"I knew he felt a little bit different from the other kids. I’d bring home equipment, such as video cameras, lights and tape recorders, and Julian would take them apart.

"He was only 5, but he could take these things apart, look at them, study them, then put them back together."

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