ASHLEY JUDD’s mar­riage to racing star Dario Franchitti hit the skids over her endless feuds with superstar mom Naomi and big sis Wynonna, insiders say.

“Dario was trapped in Judd-ville,” said a source close to the 39-year-old, three-time Indy 500 champ. “He had to play referee between Ashley, Naomi and Wynonna. It was mentally exhausting, and his marriage always seemed to take sec­ond place to issues in Ashley’s family.”

The final straw came when Scotsman Dario begged Ashley, 44, to go into marriage counsel­ing to save their childless 11-year union. Instead, the “Missing” star joined her mom and sister for family counseling with a life coach, said the source.

“Ashley figured that she and Dario were solid, and everything would be OK if she sorted out her feelings toward her mother and sister,” said the source.

“Instead, the family counsel­ing ended up tearing Dario and Ashley apart.”

In her 2011 memoir “All That Is Bitter & Sweet,” Ashley revealed she was raped as a teen, and she and her sister had to endure a stormy relationship between her mother and stepfather Larry Strickland.

“Dario pleaded with Ashley not to get into all the Judd family’s dirty laundry,” said another source. “He knew it would create chaos. But Ashley said she had to do it to cleanse her soul.

“People are calling Dario to offer condolences, and when they ask how Ashley is doing, he says, ‘She’s OK. She has her mother and sister.’”