ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's mistress and love child hid out in a small Texas town as news of their secret life was exposed.  reported that Mildred “Patty” Baena, was last spotted at her upscale Bakersfield, Calif. home on May 18 .

She fled just days before details of her scandalous affair with the former California Governor broke.

Multiple sources have confirmed  Baena and her 13-year-old son managed to escape the public glare in a small rural town outside Dallas.

"They visited a family friend," said one source.

According to another insider, "It was Mildred, NOT Arnold, who made the decision that she should leave California and travel, including, at one point, hiding out in Texas, as details of the scandal unfolded."

Baena has yet to return home and deliberately missed one of her son's key school events.

Schwarzenegger's secret son skipped his middle school graduation on Friday, June 3, due to Mildred's effort to protect him from public exposure.

The boy's name was listed in the hand-out program but he was not called onstage to recieve his sheepskin.