Rob Shuter

Ariana Grande’s Brother’s Bare-Butt Bash

Frankie goes to naughty-wood!

ariana grande gay brother frankie
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Rob Shuter reports …. Ariana Grande may be better known than her half-brother Frankie, but there was no mistaking the singer-dancer-actor and former “Big Brother” contestant when he was caught partying without pants at a gay soirée!

And now the event’s organizer is telling all!

“Frankie is always a joy to have at a party — running around in a jockstrap with his adorable butt hanging out,” nightclub king Daniel Nardicio told The National ENQUIRER.

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“He even thanked me, saying what a wonderful time he had,” Daniel continued.

“We’re talking about collaborating on an event in 2019!”

Presumably, a pants-optional affair.