Despite having a new man, troubled rocker Courtney Love is overcoming her financial and parenting difficulties with the help of an ex-boyfriend — Edward Norton!

Courtney, who was seen getting cozy with hip hotelier Andre Balazs, recently ranted on Twitter that Norton had caused her to lose $300,000 in an investment fund he recommended. But according to a friend, Courtney actually made $1 million from the deal!

“She initially thought she was going to lose the money,” said the friend. “But she ended up tripling her investment, thanks to Ed.

“It’s a blessing because she’s had awful money issues and has cried poor-mouth on a number of occasions.”

Courtney also recently told a reporter that Norton was trying to help her reconcile with 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean. In December, a judge placed Frances in the care of her father Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister following a physical confrontation with Courtney.

Courtney and Cobain were married until he committed suicide in 1994.

Courtney is currently not allowed to speak to or have contact with Frances because of a court-issued restraining order, but Norton is acting as an informal communicator and mediator between the two women, says the friend.

Courtney has credited the actor with being a “force of good” in the ongoing mother-daughter dispute.