Mike Walker

Anna Faris Blasts Hollywood Divas

'Mom' star doesn't have patience for difficult types!

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<> at Build Studio on October 23, 2017 in New York City.

Mike Walker reports… In her unique new book “Unqualified,” “Mom” star 
Anna Faris warns that “standing up for yourself” is often Hollywood code for being a spoiled damn diva!

“I don’t need my kale pear juice fresh-squeezed and hand-delivered every morning,” said Anna, “as I can get my own — so that hardly warrants throwing a fit!

“There’s too much childish coddling of actors, who therefore behave like children — which is why there are eight people whose job is literally to track where we are at all times.

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“It’s crazy, because you’d think an adult would know how to be where they’re supposed to be, or how to hold their bladder, or be hungry a minute without needing immediate attention!

“I know I’m supposed to be on set at 9 a.m., and no one should have to knock on my door and say, ‘Hey, we’d like to invite you to set now!’

“Those are actual words they use in Hollywood, no matter what you’re filming — and it’s kind of ridiculous!

“The fact that I don’t need everything on demand doesn’t make me a pushover — it makes me a self-sufficient adult!”