Anjelica Huston Confesses Jack Nicholson Has a ‘Very Big’ D–k

Actress leaves little to the imagination about her ex!

Anjelica Huston Admits Jack Nicholson Has a "Very Big" D--k
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Anjelica Huston left little to the imagination when she recently described how her ex-husband, Jack Nicholson, is down below. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday, May 13, she didn’t hold back!

During the “Plead the Fifth” segment, she was asked to “describe Jack Nicholson as a lover in three words.”

“Um. Um, um. Oh, dear. What is that d-thing?” she asked fellow guest RuPaul, to which he quickly replied: “D–k!”

“That’s one word,” Andy noted. And Anjelica’s response was priceless! “Very big,” she laughingly said.

Andy continued by suggested Jack must “well endowed,” she replied, “Well, for the moment… that was really hard. And sort of inaccurate. But we won’t go into it.”

Jack and Anjelica famously dated for 15 years even though their relationship was quite tumultuous. They officially ended things in 1990, and in her 2014 memoir, A Story Lately Told, she chronicled their time together.