Stressed-out Julia Roberts, confined to her hospital bed because of life-threatening problems with her pregnancy, had a meltdown after she missed her baby shower and was told she wouldn’t get out to celebrate her birthday, say sources.

“I’ll be damned if I’m not home for my birthday,” she hissed.

Sources tell The ENQUIRER exclusively that the angry outburst came just days after the superstar was rushed to the hospital in early labor on October 22 to save her unborn twins. The life or death drama was broken exclusively by The ENQUIRER, the only publication to reveal ALL the details of what happened.

While Julia was in the hospital her tantrum was triggered when her cameraman husband left her side to work on the Showtime show, “Pryor Offenses.”


“Julia was fuming as Danny went off,” said a source close to the actress.

“Then her mother Betty flew home to Atlanta and her sister Lisa went back to New York. She was left with just the hospital staff to care for her. She was furious.

“By the time Danny returned to her, Julia was seething: ‘Why did everybody leave me? It’s hell being in a hospital alone after what I’ve been through.'”

The source said that Danny tried to get 7-months pregnant Julia to understand that everyone had commitments they couldn’t avoid, but she continued to rant that she felt fine and wanted to go home in time for her 37th birthday on October 28.

“‘See if I’m not home for my birthday,’ she vowed.”

But even though doctors had halted her early labor symptoms and bleeding, they were still very concerned about the safety of Julia’s boy and girl and kept the pregnant mom in her eighth-floor hospital room–much to her dismay.

When her birthday came, Julia, true to her word, was out of the hospital.

The source said Julia was incredibly upset that she missed a baby shower given by her best friend Paige.

“People from all over the country came to L.A. for the event and she was crushed at having to leave everyone in the lurch,” said the source.


“Doctors had to almost restrain her from leaving the hospital, Julia was so adamant about seeing all her friends and family.”

Julia quickly became fed up with hospital food, too, said the source. “Danny has made several trips to their favorite health restaurant, the Urth Caffe, for nutritious macrobiotic meals,” said the source.

“Julia has absolutely hated everything about being in the hospital,” said a family insider.

One thing Julia did accomplish from her bed, however, is to make elaborate plans for getting her children home to Taos, N.M., after their birth.

“The plan is for Julia to stay in L.A. on bed rest until the babies are delivered in early January,” explained the close source.

“Julia’s twin boy and girl will be born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, which is near her doctor’s office.


“There was talk of a gentle water birth, but given that Julia is an older mom-to-be, had trouble conceiving and is carrying twins, they decided on Cedars-Sinai. Her early labor made their minds up.

“It’s going to be a straight, by-the-book hospital delivery.”

And once doctors have decreed mom and babies healthy enough to go home, they will be whisked by car or van to Julia’s ranch in Taos, where the nursery has already been prepared, said the source.

Her hospital stay has been difficult for Julia and those close to her, but once her birthday passed, friends say she came back to her senses.

“Julia apologized to Danny for her meltdown,” said the close source. “She said she realized that people have their own lives, and she knows everyone only wants what is best for her and the twins.”