ANGELINA JOLIE has tapped a Bud­dhist astrologer to choose the date for her wedding to BRAD PITT!

Angie, 37, is consulting a monk at the Wat Khmer Buddhist temple in Los Angeles, sources say, and that’s the real reason why Brad, 48, recently said they haven’t set the date.

“Angie has used Buddhist astrology in the past to help her pick the best, or most auspicious days, for impor­tant moments in her life,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s relied on the Bud­dhist calendar to plan medical procedures and va­cations for herself, Brad and the kids. She’s even used it for picking the dates of her movie openings.”

The Oscar-winning beauty became convinced that dates matter when she learned, after the fact, that the day and time she married her two exes – actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thorn­ton – would end in disaster, according to the Buddhist calendar.

“That’s when Angie was completely converted to Buddhist astrology, and she’s not taking that chance with Brad,” the source said.

“Angie is convinced the date of their union will guarantee their future hap­piness.”

The mother of six has tak­en adopted sons Maddox, 10, and Pax, 8, to the L.A. temple to see the astrologer, but the monk also visits the family home to study the Buddhist calendar to determine a wed­ding date.

“Brad just goes with the flow,” added the source. “He told Angie to take as much time as she needs. After eight years and six kids together, they clearly aren’t rushing into marriage.”