ANGELINA JOLIE’s son MADDOX is only 11, but he’s already started dating – after his mom played Cupid.

He’s gone on a date with the daughter of a family friend and had so much fun he’s planning a second one.

“Maddox really enjoyed himself,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“First they went to a burger joint and then a movie, chaperoned by a bodyguard.

EVERYONE’S BEING tight-lipped about the girl since they don’t want to turn her life into a three-ring circus. She’s 12, has dark hair and loves soccer.”

Cambodian-born Maddox met her at a party, and it was instant puppy love.

“They swapped cell phone numbers and kept in touch, texting each other nonstop,” said the source.

Brad and Angie didn’t find out about the girl until Maddox’s 9-year-old brother Pax turned tattletale and told them his older sibling was texting a girl.

“First thing Angie did was get a hold of Maddox’s cell phone and made sure their conversations were appropriate,” revealed the source.

“Once she realized it was all innocent fun, she asked him if he wanted to spend some time with the girl.

“Maddox jumped at the chance, so Angie called up the girl’s parents and made sure it was OK. And Brad schooled him on how to treat a young lady, to open the door for her and have good table manners.

“Now Maddox is ready for a second date and has come up with a list of things to do – bowling, a ball game, a day at Universal Studios – whatever the young lady wants.”