Angelina Jolie has hooked up with the man who took her virginity – and hubby Brad Pitt is furious she did it behind his back!

Only two months after the 
A-list couple tied the knot on their 
10-year relationship, the incident threatens their newlywed bliss, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

Even worse, insiders said, is the fact that Angie kept the identity of her first lover secret from Brad for a decade – and only confessed after the “Fury” star found out about their touchy-feely reunion!

Angelina, 39, recently reconnected with her former beau, married Hollywood costumer Anton Schneider, sources confirmed.

“While it was an innocent meeting, Brad was fit to be tied when he found out,” a source said. “He exploded, asking her repeatedly, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?!’

“Angie said meekly that Anton was ‘just part of (her) past,’ and she didn’t think it was important. Well, it was to Brad!”

Although Anton, 41, politely refused to discuss his relationship with Angelina with an ENQUIRER reporter, a report published recently in Australia claimed the “Maleficent” star had lost touch with her long-ago lover.

The couple lived together at her late mom Marcheline’s apartment while Angie was still in her teens, and bumped into each other by chance 18 months ago at a Hollywood area coffee shop.

“Anton bumped into Angie at a Starbucks on the Warner Bros. lot,” according to an old pal. “When Angie saw Anton, they hugged and she sat down with him. They chatted for 20 minutes, catching up and talking about each other’s family and kids,” said an old pal.

“It was nice for them to hear about each other’s lives and get some things off their chests about their pasts.”

Angie was an impressionable 14-year-old when she met Anton while hanging out at a local mall in L.A.

He was considered “edgy” and a “boundary-pusher,” while she was rebellious and reportedly already getting into drugs, particularly marijuana and LSD, which she took before she and Anton went to Disneyland 

She also reportedly lost her virginity to him, and the two reportedly engaged in dangerous sex games that included knives – and cutting!

While she never mentioned Anton by name, Angelina said in a 2001 interview, “Looking back, I think I was probably not good for him.”

“He was somebody I wanted to help me break out, and I would get frustrated when he couldn’t help me. Which was when the knives came in-he’d be asked to cut me or I’d cut him.”During his career as a costumer, Anton has worked on the sitcom “Mike & Molly” and the FX series “Dirt.”

And Brad remains uncomfortable that the two reunited.

“Brad realizes that Anton is a lover from Angelina’s dark past but that doesn’t make this any easier. Quite the opposite, it makes things worse,” said the source.

“Now, hearing that Angie reconnected with her lover Anton – even though no romance was involved – was like adding insult to injury. It’s definitely affected their newlywed bliss.”