Angelina Jolie is terrified that she will lose Brad Pitt to another woman.

Sources say her fears are only growing now that Hollywood’s hottest couple has split up to begin filming separate movies in different countries.

The separation is already taking its toll on Angelina, who fears the adage “out of sight, out of mind” may prove true when Brad begins filming The Assassination Of Jesse James in Canada. To add to Angelina’s concerns, Brad has a habit of falling for his leading ladies. Said a source: “He met two previous lovers on the set of movies. He and Juliette Lewis hooked up making Kalifornia, and he met ex-fiancé Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of Seven. And, of course, he and Angelina eventually fell in love after making Mr. And Mrs. Smith.”

The source added that Angelina — who will go to the Dominican Republic to shoot The Good Shepherd after filming in New York City — is especially anxious because Brad will be surrounded by gorgeous actresses playing showgirls on the set of his film.

“Angelina has to be scared to death that Brad will stray,” the source revealed.

When The National Enquirer caught up with Angelina in Manhattan on August 12, the actress showed off daughter Zahara and confirmed that the six-month-old has made a full recovery after arriving from her native Ethiopia a month ago suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and salmonella.

“The arrival of Zahara has made me very happy,” Angelina, 30, said as she shopped in the exclusive clothing store Jeffrey.

But while Zahara appeared to have gained some weight, the same cannot be said for her superstar mom. Once famous for her voluptuous curves, Angelina looked gaunt and pale, with skinny arms and sunken cheeks.

Friends fear her weight loss is due to stress over her separation from Brad, 41.

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