Angelina Jolie’s French Obsession

Actress desperate to reinvent herself!

angelina jolie french language obsession
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Angelina Jolie is going back to her roots — and demanding everyone around her speak French!

A snitch told The National ENQUIRER the 41-year-old mother of six, whose maternal grandfather was French-Canadian, has become obsessed with all things French — and has made sure the children she shares with her ex Brad Pitt are fluent in the language as well!

“Angie is extremely sentimental at the moment — meeting up with her estranged dad after years is proof of that,” disclosed a confidant. “But this French thing, it’s all about trying to feel close to her late mother.”

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While those in Angie’s camp are sympathetic, they’re also annoyed with her new linguistic preference because most of them don’t speak the language — and don’t plan on learning it anytime soon!

“It’s driving everyone crazy, but she’s trying to find something to cling to right now — and her mother’s heritage is it,” spilled another tipster. “The problem is she comes across as someone completely out of touch — and selfish!”