Angelina Jolie Silos Shiloh!

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Former Hollywood wild child Angelina Jolie is keeping such tight reins on her nearly 16-year-old daughter Shiloh, sources say it’s driving Brad Pitt’s kid nuts!

“Angelina’s incredibly strict with Shiloh and won’t let her have a moment of freedom even though she’s closer to being an adult than a child,” tattles a tipster. “She’s strict because Shiloh’s so stubborn and resists in a way Angie’s other children don’t. She takes after her mom in that respect.”

Making matters worse is the Maleficent star’s “hypocritical” attitude 
when it comes to raising Shiloh compared to her sons 
Maddox, 20, and Pax, 18, 
adds the source.

“Angie refuses to let Shiloh learn how to drive, saying she doesn’t need to because she’ll always have a chauffeur,” says the source. “That’s pretty unfair since the boys were both allowed to start working on getting their permits before they were even 16.”

And Shiloh’s older sister Zahara, 17, started learning to drive at 16.

“Shiloh’s also got an early curfew,” spills the source. “When she does get to go out, her security team has to have her back by 8 p.m., no exceptions.”

“It’s all really driving Shiloh crazy, and she’s pushing back in a big way,” especially because her mom put her life on the line touring war-torn Ukraine.

As The National ENQUIRER previously reported, sources say the teenager has been begging to live with dad Brad for years, but isn’t having any luck.

The bitter custody battle between Angelina, 46, and Brad, 58, has raged on since the Salt siren filed for divorce in 2016. Sources say it’s Shiloh who’s been hit the hardest by the ugly fight.

“She misses her dad so much, but Angelina always finds a way to stop her from seeing him,” says the source.

“Angelina insists she’s 
just giving Shiloh tough love to protect her, but she really risks totally alienating the girl.”