ANDERSON COOPER’s new show rocked by tragedy as teen guest ends up in the hospital after a skateboarding accident goes terribly awry!

Only three week after being TV and Cooper’s new daytime talker “Anderson” is already under siege as Gawker reports that a teenager is in a coma after a producer from Anderson allegedly encouraged him to record his behavior for ep centered on the "teenage mind."

That behavior? Extreme skateboarding.

According to the report, a producer told the teenager to "film the crazy stuff you do."

The teenager filmed himself skateboarding and fell, where he suffered a serious injury to the head, and is in a coma, the report stated. The gripping sequence has never aired.

Anderson’s rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on that the teenager "had been injured."

“Our producers were working with a teen and his parents on a show about the science of the Teenage Brain, based on a National Geographic story," the rep's statement read. "As part of our routine process, we ask guests for video footage and photos. We did not provide the family with a camera. On the morning that they were supposed to travel to NYC, we learned that the teen had been injured.”

Cooper himself issued a statement: "I was very saddened to hear the news of this accident, and want to express my deepest concerns for the teenager who was injured. I take this situation seriously, and my thoughts and prayers for his health, well-being and recovery are with him and his family."